Georgie Fame & The Last Blue Flames: Swan Songs (CD)

Swan Songs (CD)

'Swan Songs' as the title implies, is intended to be the final album from the legendary Georgie Fame, bringing an illustrious recording career to a very satisfactory conclusion. Georgie is an iconic R&B, jazz and blues star, responsible for an unrivalled back catalogue of pop hits, from 1964 onwards, including three number 1 hits during the '60s. He has recorded with an array of rock/pop stars, such as Van Morrison, Bill Wyman and Alan Price.For this valedictory outing its entirely fitting that he should be in the company of the Last Blue Flames, his band of long standing, and one which includes such top rank performers as trumpeter Guy Barker and saxophonist Alan Skidmore, bassist Alec Dankworth, vibist Antony Kerr, as well as his sons Tristan (guitar) and James Powell (drums).

Additional vocals are by Madeline Bell.Released on Georgie's own Three Line Whip label, the album features a dozen newly penned pieces, each with an alternate title designed to convey the mood of the song. Georgie has always cast a wide net stylistically and this collection is no exception including, amongst others, a Calypso ("De Caribbean Way"), a song with a Count Basie feel ("Diary Blues") and the Cape Town rhythms of "Uncle Ezra". Other pieces are of a more personal nature, with "Victory Hymn" alluding to the leaders Methodist background, "Spin Recovery" his love of flying and "My Ship" included as dedication to an old friend from the Flamingo Club days, Mike O'Neill, who penned the song.

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