WEST, BRUCE and LAING: Whatever Turns You On (CD)

Whatever Turns You On (CD)

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  • RE-PRESS: CD originally released in 2008
  • Classic album - remastered from the original master tapes
  • Booklet with photos & notes with quotes from jack bruce -fully restored album artwork

ESOTERIC RECORDINGS are proud to release this classic rock album from 1973, the second by the amazing power trio, WEST BRUCE & LAING. Forming in 1972 the band brought together CREAM bassist, vocalist and writer JACK BRUCE with LESLIE WEST and CORKY LAING from the American band MOUNTAIN. Together WBL recorded three albums, all of which demonstrated the group’s power and dexterity.

Following the release of their debut, “Why Doncha?” for CBS Records in Europe, the band moved to RSO Records to record this, their last studio album which featured such classics as ‘Scotch Krotch’. Alas, the band only lasted some eighteen months before breaking apart.

  1. Backfire
  2. Token
  3. Sifting Sand
  4. November Song
  5. Rock N’ Roll Machine
  6. Scotch Krotch
  7. Slow Blues
  8. Dirty Shoes

9. Like A Plate

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