LS3/5a: What price?

I have noticed the price of '3/5as rising on eBay. Early Rogers? I recall £1,300 recently. Spendors? About £500. Goodmans? About £800. Audiomasters ? About £1,200. RAM ? Over £1,000 . What IS the logic ? New Rogers LS3/5a £1,499. Are enthusiasts buying them ? Perhaps I shouldn't ask, as I never found a sensible reason given previously. Martyn Miles . Here I am again... I've recently purchased a pair of mint Harbeth LE 'Alan Shaw' LS3/5as for just over £800. What quality. I've never seen such an immaculate pair of speakers. They also sound sublime.

I've sold my Audiomasters to someone in France who is very pleased with them . I wouldn't have changed, except the Harbeths came available locally. I have often wondered if there was a small difference between builders of the LS3/5a, as is often said. The Harbeths are marginally brighter, on my system. The bass doen't quite 'flow' like the Audiomasters. Some say they need using. I understand they haven't bee used much. What I will say is I could happily live with either pair...


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