ROGER CHAPMAN and THE SHORTLIST: Live In Hamburg (Deluxe 2CD)

1979 famed Hamburg show released in its entirety for the first time. Roger Chapman, a truly original singer, songwriter and performer who today is still regarded as an icon of British contemporary rock music, is probably best known as a member and main song writer of the progressive rock band Family, which he formed along with Charlie Whitney, in 1966 and also the rock R&B band Streetwalkers which he & Whitney formed in 1974 releasing five albums. It was in 1979 that Roger Chapman embarked on his solo career with the release of the critically acclaimed album Chappo in the March. Later that year Roger Chapman and The Shortlist (Mel Collins, Geoff Whitehorn, Tim Hinkley & Jerome Rimson) took the Chappo album on the road and Live In Hamburg was recorded during that tour at the Markethalle in Hamburg in August 1979.

This 2CD extended version being released on Madfish features for the first time the Hamburg show in its entirety, with the second disc being comprised of 6 songs that were never on the original release due to the tapes having become damaged but have now been restored and lovingly remastered by Pete J Reynolds The show features songs which were at that time and still are today, live fan favourites – 'Moth To A Flame', the glorious 'Who Pulled The Night Down' and the superb cover of 'Hang On To A Dream' – Roger's homage to American songwriter Tim Hardin. With disc 2 featuring a stunning version of the Otis Reading classic 'Can't Turn You Loose'.

All the songs crackle with live energy showcasing his idiosyncratic brand of showmanship and vocal vibrato led him to become a cult figure on the British rock scene and is still regularly performing. This 2015 2CD version through Madfish is presented in a mediabook format with a 16 page booklet, beautifully packaged with press clippings, pictures and features liner notes from Roger Chapman expert Pete Feenstra.

Disc: 1
1. Moth To A Flame ( 05:50 )
2. Keep Forgettin' ( 05:02 )
3. Midnite Child ( 05:25 )
4. Who Pulled The Nite Down ? ( 05:55 )
5. Talking About You ( 02:38 )
6. Short List ( 06:45 )
7. Can't Get In ( 06:41 )
8. Keep A Knockin' ( 01:07 )
9. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man ( 03:57 )
10. Let's Spend The Night Together ( 06:00 )
Disc: 2
1. Shape Of Things ( 05:34 )
2. Hey Mr Policeman ( 04:28 )
3. Hang Onto A Dream ( 04:57 )
4. Always Gotta Pay In The End ( 06:00 )
5. Can't Turn You Loose ( 03:58 )
6. Burlesque ( 04:14 )

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