Okay, as the title already suggests, this compilation is made entirely of early 70s library music which was recorded for so called music libraries from whose stores, movie makers and TV producers could license certain titles for their productions. In most cases the compositions were a conglomerate of popular music genres such as funk, psychedelic, rock and soul. I have experienced a few French productions of that kind before, but now it is time for some Italian stuff. I am quite pleased with the turnout of this compilation. The material grooves and steams throughout the whole record.

There are mind ripping fuzzed out guitar leads that push you into a state of trance from which you may hardly escape. It begins quite relaxed with a composition of Giuliano Sorgini aka RASKOVIC, a prolific face in the Italian scene who has also worked with Alessandro Alessandrini aka BRAEN (psychedelic and prog freaks may know the project BRAEN’S MACHINE). The song itself is a good start to warm up your lazy bones with a straight beat, nice acoustic guitars, organ and piano lines.

The organ replaces the vocals in this case as the lead melody maker. Easy to groove along and easy to enjoy. Stefano Torossi brings in a forceful beat and striking bass line ornamented with a laid back psychedelic lead guitar and a few spacey sound effects. The fuzzed out lead guitar will melt your soul while your body shakes from the rhythmical impulses of bass and drums. Feels like typical exploito psyche from that era, a straight composition forcing up constantly until it breaks down.

If Amedeo Tommasi had added vocals to his composition, it would have been a typical steaming white boy northern soul hit as you may expect it from the British or American late 60s scene, think of STEAM with their “Nana hey hey kiss him goodbye” anthem. The organ swirls and flashes around on a hard pumping, highly energetic rhythmical base made up of a hypnotic bass line, an explosive drumming and an aggressive electric piano.

Gianni Mazza next takes it a bit more easily with a smoothly floating tune that shows this wonderful bloopy fuzz lead guitar late 1960s acid pop brought to fame. The power of the rhythms increases, some playful intersections appear and the lead guitarist goes wild. The drummer must be a true beast. Phreakin’ awesome. It is a steady up and down of dynamics here that leaves no air to breathe for you. NARASSA whose real name is Alessandro Brugnolini takes the thread where Gianni Mazza left it with an ever grooving rhythm section, a heavy organ to back up the buzzing fuzzed out rhythm guitars and a totally loose acid rock lead guitar. Where is my mind gone by now? Oh, do not ask, it is just gone with the flow of colors.

If I wanted I could go on raving about this beautiful piece of music now, a compilation of the hottest library groove rock tunes from the early 70s but I rather tell you that all following tracks are in a similar vein as the first five compositions and definitely such a joy to dive into as a friend of funk influenced exploito acid rock and beat. Each not gets played with an enormous passion and the simmering lead guitars are for sure not of this earth. We would surely know the one or another participating instrumentalist from some of the bigger Italian rock heroes of the era but I have no real clue who plays on this compilation except for the composers’ and project leaders’ names. Anyway, this will capture your soul and let you freak out throughout the whole playing time. Dance your mind away.

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