Telecaster Tone – A DIY Enterprise

The 60-year-old tone being pursued

Malcolm Stewart writes: I know this is an audio site but I also know that a great many of those who are fascinated by audio are also “into” guitars, so I trust that you will forgive this slight side-step on my part, which also acts as a reverential nod to those brave souls who, with soldering iron and pliers in hand, do their best to forward the state of the art with their home-brewed amplifiers and loudspeakers. Long may they continue to delve, solder and find fun!

Back in the early days of hi-fi, a major part of the enjoyment in the hobby was getting out your soldering iron, your toolkit and your leaded solder – there was no ROHs, lead-free solder in those pre-Eurothoritarian days, of course – and making or modifying things, and poisoning oneself in the process was all part of the fun. Nowadays, however, the DIY element of hi-fi has diminished dramatically: few of us any longer roll our own amplifiers or build our own loudspeakers, for example. I am sure some people still do… but far fewer of them than did in, say, the 1960s or 1970s.

I fact, the only time my soldering iron has surfaced from my tool box in recent times was when I decided to modify the volume and tone control circuitry on my guitar. I had been ............

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