ROGERS: Spendor and related

Hi Michael, At present I listen to the 11 ohms Rogers version of the LS3/5a. Generally I am pretty happy with the sound. I wonder if there would be any benefit in going over to a newer design from Spendor or Harbeth, perhaps a slightly larger enclosure ( my listening room is 9 X 11 feet)?. Something with the BBC sound preferably. Or perhaps a pair of BC1's. Or AB1's?. Valve 'n' vinyl system.

Thank you for this. After some consideration, frustration and regret I have concluded that I have nothing worthwhile in the way of suggestions to offer. All I have on this topic are vague recollections and a few impressions. In truth, nothing of value. My policy is that I only offer comments and suggestions if and only if i have direct personal experience of the matter in hand. And in this case I don't. I offer my apologies.

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