RY COODER: Soundtracks (7CD Box)

For decades, multi-Grammy-winner Ry Cooder has used his virtuosic command of the guitar to explore countless genres across more than a dozen solo albums. But he’s also a master at using music to conjure moods and atmospheres, a skill that’s earned him acclaim as a soundtrack producer with film credits that go back more than three decades.

This new retrospective boxed set with seven CDs focuses on Cooder’s work in the Eighties and early Nineties: The Long Riders, Alamo Bay, Paris, Texas, Blue City, Crossroads, Johnny Handsome and Trespass.

The music is presented in a clamshell box that features new artwork by Tornado Design, the group behind the distinctive look found on several of Cooder’s recent studio albums, as well as Rhino’s 2008 anthology, The UFO Has Landed. 

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