Hooked On Music… Live (CD) by Pat Travers Band

Hooked On Music… Live (CD)


With the demise of the short-lived, but renowned Pat Travers any newcomer to the line-up alongside Travers could be standing in the shadows, but all was not lost.

The addition of ‘Italian battalion’ (and ex-Blackjack drummer) Sandy Gennaro combined with his counterpart Peter ‘Mars’ Cowling (ex Gnidrolog) allowed for another shot of Pat Travers magic.

His performance here tonight reveals a broad intake of his past work combined with flashes of his most recent accomplishment Radio Active.

Appearing alongside Brit-rockers Rainbow on the second leg of their USA tour, Travers gives an outstanding and memorable performance.

Echoes proudly presents the entire broadcast of Pat Travers’ co-headlining performance at the Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA on 30th April 1981. Remastered from the original KPFT-FM broadcast with background liners and rare archival photos.

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