“Dame Myra Hess playing Bach – a musical memory from my early childhood.”

The thread starts as follows: "Just been listening to this wonderful playing. When I first went to school as a tiny boy in about 1962, I wasn't very happy there to say the least. Being left-handed, if I dared to pick up a pencil in my left hand, I was rapped on the knuckles by the teacher using an edge-on ruler. I was still only 4, but I still remember the pain of that cruelty.

But I also remember from that school that most days we had assembly, Myra Hess playing Jesu Joy would be on as we walked into the school hall. Even at that very early age this music and playing held me spellbound. Such peace and gentleness amidst a place that generally terrified me. If you don't know this, I hope you enjoy it. If you have come across it before, please indulge me by listening to it again. The Scarlatti that follows is fine playing also."


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