What is an Audiophile?

The essence of the post is that perfection is only a point of view and only valid at the instant it happens and only if we accept the warts of the moment as part and parcel of that perfection.  In other words, a perfect musical performance doesn’t mean the performer made no errors.  It simply means those errors were perfect for the moment.

Quite a few of my readers wrote back to say their quest for perfection in their high-end systems means they are an Audiophile by definition and they never intend to stop seeking the perfect performance.  In fact, their quest for perfection is what defines them as Audiophiles and felt my post was meant to discredit their goals.

I disagree.  In my view Audiophiles are those of us who have a desire for better sound and then take action to achieve that goal.

I too strive for the mythical perfection in my system, in my interaction with the music – but that’s not what qualifies me as an Audiophile – although most Audiophiles are looking for the same thing.  I have met many an Audiophile who are completely delighted with their system and are looking for nothing more than to simply enjoy it every day.  They are every bit as much an enthusiast as the person who never reaches a point of musical ecstasy and is never quite happy with the system.

I have no qualms with people striving for perfection – believe me – I support it and love the process.  I just want us to remember there is no final plateau to reach – it is in fact the journey itself that is the goal and along the way we hit perfect time and again without even knowing it.

Perfection happens all the time in our lives – we just have to recognize when it occurs and bask in the moment – because it never stays in one place.

Paul McGowan

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