LS3/5a SPEAKERS: (11 ohm Rogers version) compared to Spendor, Harbeth, what?

At present I listen to the 11 ohms Rogers version of the above speaker. Generally I am pretty happy with the sound. I wonder if there would be any benefit in going over to a newer design from Spendor or Harbeth, perhaps a slightly larger enclosure ( my listening room is 9 X 11 feet)?. Something with the BBC sound preferably. Or perhaps a pair of BC1's. Or AB1's?. Valve 'n' vinyl system.

Thank you for this. After some consideration, frustration and regret I have concluded that I have nothing worthwhile in the way of suggestions to offer. All I have on this topic are vague recollections and a few impressions. In truth, nothing of value. My policy is that I only offer comments and suggestions if and only if i have direct personal experience of the matter in hand. And in this case I don't. I offer my apologies.

Check the Harbeth site re owners comments, archives and so on. Might help

Thanks for the tip. Interesting site. The designer says that the ls3/5a's have some form of reinforcement in the presence region which makes them addictive. Guilty as charged!. Whilst the ls3'5a's do everything they do with aplomb, including some startling upper bass slam and precision, I do miss the lower registers I used to get with my home made Jordan speakers. Those old 8inch drivers were fab in the lower registers. Very fast.  I would like to hear a pair of monitor 30's or SLH5's at some time. I do worry about losing the magical qualities of the ls3/5a'. If you're ever over in SW London you are cordially invited for a listening session.

Thank you for the invitation

Howard Popeck

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