XTC: Black Sea (CD/Blu-ray)

Black Sea (CD/Blu-ray)

We are told:

Black Sea is the fifth in a series of expanded XTC album reissues, including 5.1 Surround mixes, 2017 stereo mixes and High-Resolution stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, along with a wealth of extra audio and visual material.

Steven Wilson produced the mixes with the input of founder band member Andy Partridge and the full approval of the band.

This cd/blu-ray edition is presented in special packaging with an expanded booklet and sleeve-notes by Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Terry Chambers, Dave Gregory and Hugh Padgham.

Full track listing TBA.

01. Respectable Street
02. Generals and Majors
03. Living Through Another Cuba
04. Love at First Sight
05. Rocket From a Bottle
07. No Language in Our Lungs
08. Towers of London
09. Paper and Iron
10. Burning With Optimism's Flames
11. Sgt. Rock (is Going to Help Me)
12. Travels in Nihilon
• CD: Features 2017 stereo album mix by Steven Wilson with bonus tracks (many featuring 2017 Steven Wilson mixes).
• Blu-Ray: a 5.1 Surround mix in 24bit/96khz mixed from the original multi-track tapes available in LPCM and DTS HD MA.
• Additional Blu-Ray features include:
- The 2017 stereo album mix in 24bit/96khz LPCM audio.
- Additional songs from the album sessions in stereo and 5.1 (several featuring 2017 Steven Wilson mixes)
- The original stereo album mix in hi-res stereo + bonus tracks.
- Instrumental versions (mixed by Steven Wilson), and several bonus mixes in 24bit/96khz LPCM audio.
- Many album tracks in demo form as recorded (mostly live) at Phonogram Studios prior to the main album sessions.
- Three Andy Partridge demos from Phonogram studios.
- Three Andy Partridge demos from Swindon Town Hall.
- Promo films for Towers Of London, Generals & Majors & Respectable Street.

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