VINTAGE: Equipment repair specialists

This is a growing free directory. It's only a directory and not a list of personal recommendations by me.

Entry to this directory is entirely free. Any enginner specialising in the repair, rebuild or upgrade of vintage audiophile equipment can email me: with their link for inclusion here.

Currently this site has in excess of 25k page impressions per month. A BIG audiophile audience - at zero cost.

PLEASE NOTE: The links are not entered alphabetically. Yes, yes I know they should, but the limiations of this software prevent me for doing that easily. So FRESH additions are listed at the end of the list. Sorry about that.


Tannoy, TDL, Mordaunt Short, Epos: Lockwood Audio

Classic valve audio inc RCA, GEC: Audio Laboratories (Leeds)

Garrard turntable: Garrard501

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