STEELY DAN; Transmission Impossible – Steely Dan (3CD)

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3 CD COLLECTION OF THE FINEST AVAILABLE LIVE STEELY DAN RECORDINGS Steely Dan were essentially a studio band. The complexity of their arrangements mixed with the reluctance of the group s two protagonists - the supremely gifted Walter Becker and Donald Fagen - to go out on the road meant that live performances were a rarity.

That said however, when they were persuaded to perform, the shows were nothing short of wonderful. This unique 3 x CD box set features a collection of such live material, all of which was broadcast at the time on FM radio, thus ensuring perfect audio quality. From recordings made in 1974 - during the early part of the group s career - and again almost two decades later in 1993, when the pair had reformed for live events and couple of new albums.

In completion this beautifully packaged collection features almost four hours of live Steely Dan, from performances that quite simply must be heard to be believed.

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