TIMING: A marketing ploy or what?


Hello Neil. The word ‘timing’ is batted around on forums and do you, like me, wonder if the people extolling the virtues of it really understand what the word means and if so, could you offer an accessible explanation of that term for the layperson?

Timing is something that is very difficult to hear. Now then, I'm not saying it’s difficult for everybody to hear, but if you don't hear it it’s difficult to learn what it is and because it’s a buzz word which writers feel they have to use, many writers actually use the word timing while not having a clue what it actually means and how music should go together.

Why this is so I don't actually know because many people who are interested in music – but have absolutely no interest in the hifi whatsoever – understand timing. And I have friends who come in and can understand timing totally from a system and yes I know quite a few people involved in the industry who haven't got a clue what it means … even though they should. It's a very difficult thing to teach. It can take quite a long time to teach it, but once learned, then if a system doesn't time then you think it just doesn't work and it's broken.

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