THE CHARLATANS: The Limit Of The Marvelous (Vinyl 180g Colour LP)

The Limit Of The Marvelous (Vinyl 180g Colour LP)

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With the 50th anniversary of the American band the Charlatans’ debut this summer, Big Beat are celebrating with this carefully conceived deluxe vinyl edition of the original line-up’s best recordings, “The Limit Of The Marvelous”.

The iconic quintet are widely acknowledged with kick starting the San Francisco 1960s renaissance. The Charlatans presented a blend of Americana-infused popular styles, encompassing country, swing, bluegrass, 50s rock’n’roll and olde English folk. The band’s image radiated class that few of their hirsute, tie-dyed peers matched.

“The Limit Of The Marvelous” distils the best cuts from Big Beat’s essential “Amazing Charlatans” CD to approximate the long-player the group should have issued at their peak in 1966. It juxtaposes idiosyncratic folk-rock ‘Codine Blues’ and ‘Alabama Bound’ with dustbowl-dry originals from the pen of guitarist/drummer Dan Hicks, including the first recording of his signature number ‘How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away’.

Housed in a Globe Propaganda-approved sleeve complete with copious illustrations of this most photogenic of outfits, “The Limit Of The Marvelous” is a fitting reminder in their anniversary year of the continuing magic of the Charlatans.

A 180g coloured vinyl release.

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