LED ZEPPELIN: The 10 songs you need to hear from the reissues

Ultimate Classic Rock

Ultimate Classic Rock write:

Now that all of the albums in Led Zeppelin's latest reissue series are out, we can finally admit that yeah, those original albums are great, but the bonus discs of previously unreleased songs -- which were used as bait to snag fans who've probably bought these same records several times before -- left a lot to be desired.

With all of the various "rough mixes" and "alternate mixes" of tracks you've heard hundreds of times, few of which offered any real revelations, and the occasional instrumental versions of many of those same songs, the nine remastered albums were disappointments for fans hoping to hear lots of actual new songs.

But scattered among the more than six dozen cuts included on the bonus discs are a handful of gems. And the best of them are leftover songs that would have fit snugly on the albums they were originally recorded for. Many of the 10 Songs You Need to Hear From the Led Zeppelin Reissues come from the two extra discs included with Coda, the 1982 odds-and-ends LP that was released after the band broke up. Note: We've excluded the live songs that were on Led Zeppelin's bonus disc. Just assume you need to hear that whole thing, because it's really good.

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