RAY DAVIES: Return To Waterloo (DVD )

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MOJO ‘Video Of The Month’ – 9/10

UNCUT Full page review – 9/10

Ray Davies of the Kinks, well-respected as one of rock’s best storytellers, makes his filmmaking debut as director, writer and composer of ‘Return To Waterloo’.

This hour long feature is a unique approach to the synthesis of music, video and cinema. Instead of dialogue, the story is told through music and lyrics.

The haunting songs, unavailable on any Kinks album, take renowned actor Ken Colley on a suspenseful journey through his imagination, as he confronts reality and fantasy, love and violence.

Also starring Valerie Holliman, Dominique Barnes, Tim Roth and (briefly) Ray Davies himself.

This film, a cult classic, is a watershed event in the development of the music video art form, as it was created for itself rather than to promote a record; not a concert, not a grouping of promo videos, this is a real movie and an impressive directorial debut.

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  1. Brilliant film and album soundtrack but I expect and never get anything less than brilliance from Ray and he has not disappointed me once in the last 53 years!

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