YES: Open Your Eyes (Vinyl 2LP)

Open Your Eyes (Vinyl 2LP)

“Open Your Eyes” is the seventeenth studio album by progressive rock band YES, originally released in 1997. Together with the album “Magnification” from 2001 it was never released on vinyl before. Up to now - Sireena Records will publish both the albums in this year. On 180 Gram vinyl, in gatefold cover, as double album. A Must - not only for the YES fans all over the world!

In 1997 Chris Squire and Billy Sherwood had been working on a project together. Jon Anderson became interested and the music became a full-fledged YES project. The result was “Open Your Eyes”, one of the best, and perhaps the most sophisticated of the YES albums – a selection of catchy tunes and interesting themes.  It is a quite enjoyable set of songs with the classic yes style and a modern sound. A bridge between the progressive times of “Closer to the Edge” and the modern tracks of “90 125”. In every case “Open Your Eyes” became a typical YES album. Now on vinyl for the very first time! A world premiere!.

Side One
1. new state of mind – 6:00
2. open your eyes – 5:14
3. universal garden – 6:16

Side Two
1. no way we can lose – 4:56
2. fortune seller – 5:01
3. man in the moon – 4:40

Side Three
1. wonderlove – 6:07
2. from the balcony – 2:42
3. love shine – 4:38
4. somehow.... someday – 4:46

Side Four
1. the solution – 23:47

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