NORAH JONES: Day Breaks Deluxe Edition (Deluxe 2CD)

The first disc contains the original studio album, and the second disc features nine tracks from the singer's concert at the Loreto Theater at the Sheen Center for Thought & Culture in New York City on October 10th and 11th, 2016.

Disc: 1
  1. Burn
  2. Tragedy
  3. Flipside
  4. It's a Wonderful Time for Love
  5. And Then There Was You
  6. Don't Be Denied
  7. Day Breaks
  8. Peace
  9. Once I Had a Laugh
  10. Sleeping Wild
  11. Carry On
  12. Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)
Disc: 2
  1. Peace
  2. I've Got to See You Again
  3. Out On the Road
  4. Sunrise
  5. Burn
  6. It's a Wonderful Time for Love
  7. Flipside
  8. Don't Know Why
  9. Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)

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