Mighty Baby – Slipstreams In Rehearsal, Summer 1971 (CD)


By the summer of 1971 Mighty Baby had shed their psychedelic trappings and taken a more spiritual direction. Newly signed to Mike Vernon's Blue Horizon label, they prepared their second and final album, A Jug Of Love, in a basement in Harley Road, North London, ahead of sessions in Sound Techniques that July and August. This is the only known recording of them in rehearsal. Taped on Ian Whiteman's Revox with a single microphone, it's entirely instrumental and offers a remarkable insight into the workings of one of Britain's best-loved underground bands at the peak of their powers. It’s presented here complete with detailed background notes and rare images.

  1. Jug Of Love
  2. The Happiest Man In The Carnival (i)
  3. The Happiest Man In The Carnival (ii)
  4. Virgin Spring (i)
  5. Virgin Spring (ii)
  6. Tasting The Life
  7. Lazy Days


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