The Action In Frisco (CD) inc. track list

The Action In Frisco (CD)

RY COODER, JOHN HIATT, NICK LOWE & JIM KELTNER perform together as LITTLE VILLAGE on this rare '92 broadcast.

The easy way the individual members clicked was what led to Little Village in 1992, but the groups one and only album did not take off though the classic guitar rock sound, replete with songs of a quite staggering hue, certainly hasnt dated. One can also guess that the supergroup format meant that the focus and the pressure wasnt directed solely at any one person, certainly each member was already very much a star in his own right. In the albums wake the Villagers hit the road; veterans to a man of the live circuit, the shows were a magnificent spectacle. And when the tour bus pulled up in San Fran and the fancy gear was unloaded into the Fox Warfield Theatre, the whole affair was broadcast across the greater Frisco area by local FM radio. The resulting broadcast can be heard in all its magnificence on this CD

1. Solar Sex Panel
2. The Action
3. Fool Who Knows
4. Do You Want My Job
5. She Runs Hot
6. Don't Think About Her When You're Trying To Drive
7. Memphis In The Meantime
8. Endless Sleep
9. Big Love
10. Little Sister
11. Half A Boy And Half A Man
12. Thing Called Love
13. Lipstick Sunset

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