JACKSON BROWNE: Live At The Main Point – September 7th 1975 (3CD)

  • Classic live WMMR-FM broadcast from 7th September 1975
  • Includes the entire broadcast
  • Background liners

The WMMR-FM broadcast from the 7th September performance captures the charismatic partnership of Browne and Lindley at its strongest and in intimate surroundings such as the Main Point, it was rightfully celebrated and reflected in the buoyant mood of onlookers.

The coffee house provided an intimate setting with its loyal inhabitants eager to sample what they could while it lasted as a financially viable venue. Browne and Lindley had agreed to perform six nights at the venue to help in saving it from closure due to poor financial constraints. The duo shared many light-hearted moments during these performances with spontaneous outbursts of laughter and conversation shared equally. David Lindley’s sharp sense of song and musicianship were primed for a solo spot where Browne could retire backstage allowing his counterpart to claim the audience’s admiration.

Klondike’s retrospective spotlight on Jackson Browne’s complete legendary performance from 1975 represents a valuable point in the artist’s career in the comfortable surroundings of the Main Point.

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