Krakow Sonic Society with Ken Ishiguro

Wojciech Pacuła (Postive Feedback) writes: The meetings of the Krakow Sonic Society usually have the goal of identifying a problem, diagnosing it, comparing old and new products, records, and technologies. We approach it with an open mind, although everybody has their private expectations and agendas. The goal is the same for all, however: to explain something, to reach a conclusion. Of course, everything is very temporary and make-shift, since audio is a field in which there are no "sure" things, rather "highly probable" at most. That's why every meeting of a group of people accustomed to a certain auditioning practice, whose have viewpoints on sound and hardware, is a unique meeting of MINE with ANOTHER, an attempt at using this as a base for forming a new viewpoint. An important aspect of this is that it all happens before our eyes, and a meeting aims to reach a conclusion there and then.

This time things were different. When I sat down to write this report I had a powerful feeling that everything I wanted to say here had been said before. We were after a few auditions of this company's products (see HERE, and HERE), and I had just interviewed its owner (see HERE) and tested a whole system (see HERE). The Golden Fingerprint Award, given to Mr. Ken Ishiguro and his company, Acoustic Revive—the heroes of the evening—should speak for itself. We established it for this very occasion and it was handed out for the very first time.

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