JOHN CALE: Music For A New Society


‘Music For A New Society’ is a fully re-mastered album of thelong out of print 1982 classic album with three previously unreleased bonus tracks from the original multi-track recordings Library Of Force, Chinese Envoy and Thoughtless Kind ..· ‘M:FANS’ is a radical new reworking of the 1982 masterpiece‘Music For A New Society’. Back and forth ‘M:FANS’ goes,sampling the original while creating brand new soundscapes,giving Cale the opportunity for closure on one of the most testing eras of his life and a way to keep moving forward.·
Music For A New Society (2CD)
In 1982, ‘Music For A New Society’ sounded exactly like its title:something futuristic, a new kind of songwriting exercise. In2015, ‘M:FANS’ is exactly that too, full of electrical crackle and disturbed frequencies, a different kind of dystopian futureawaits. John Cale forages on; it’s the only way he knows how.· ‘Music For A New Society’ and ‘M:FANS’ is released as a double CD package featuring both albums. Also available on vinyl separately.· The ‘Music For A New Society’ heavyweight vinyl format comes with a download card which includes the three unreleasedbonus tracks.· ‘M:FANS’ is available on heavyweight double LP.
Taking Your Life In Your Hands
Thoughtless Kind
Sanctus (Sanities)
If You Were Still Around
Close Watch
Broken Bird
Chinese Envoy
Changes Made
Damn Life
Risé, Sam And Rimsky Korsakov
Library Of Force (Unreleased)
Chinese Envoy (Outtakes)
Thoughtless kind (Outtakes)

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