The Genius of Guitar – His Early Recordings (2CD) by Roy Buchanan

During the early 1970s Roy Buchanan was feted as the greatest rock guitarist the world had ever known.

This superb new CD from Jasmine takes a step back into his early career where he spent many years scuffling as a guitar slinger in numerous bands and doing a substantial amount of session work.

Collected across this 44 track 2 CD set are examples of his dynamic guitar contributions to a bevy of national, regional and downright parochial recording artists including Dale Hawkins, Bob Luman, Freddy Cannon, and Danny and The Juniors. As well as all that there a couple of singles released under his own name plus a couple or more tracks where the jury is still out as to the identity of the guitar player.

Outstanding guitar work is what this CD is all about and although these early recordings don't quite give the full picture of his exemplary talent for improvisation and creativity that would come in the 70s, they certainly show the signs of it developing, and tracks such as "The Jam (Part 1 and 2)" demonstrate his dynamic and original guitar sound.

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