JO JO GUNNE: On Your Radio (CD) live from Ultrasonic Studios, New York in 1973.

On Your Radio (CD)

Jo Jo Gunne, live from Ultrasonic Studios, New York in 1973.

Jo Jo Gunne would always come across as a lot smarter than a good deal of their ‘boogie’ counterparts during the early seventies when the band occupied that throne for a brief spell.

Their instrumental and arranging prowess had been earned on the back of their previous incarnation as Spirit, the revered post psychedelic blues, jazz collective from LA.

Their blistering performance here, promoting their new album Bite Down Hard in 1973 emphasises a force in boogie rock that gravitates towards the likes of Cactus and early Blackfoot and while their explosive best may be confined to their first two albums, one can’t help feeling that with a more consistent and less-fractured line-up, the destiny of Jo Jo Gunne may have been wholly different.

Echoes proudly presents the entire original WLIR-FM broadcast of Jo Jo Gunne live at Ultrasonic Studios, Long Island NY from 1973. Professionally re-mastered original broadcast with background liners and rare archival photos!


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