DANGER: What is the biggest danger facing the high-end sector?

Neil, what is the biggest danger facing the high-end sector?

In a word, hype. In another word, the bullshit. Another word ignorance. Anyone looking in on our tiny and dwindling high-end world would think we are nuts. Not nuts because of the prices. But nuts because of the nonsense published occasionally in some magazines about some products. The most powerful example of this in recent memory being the evangelical nonsense spouted by Roy Gregory in Hi-Fi+ re Nordost. Just take a look at eBay for the vast amount of Nordost for sale. If it were that good, then why are so many ditching their purchases?

Nordost shouldn't be viewed as an industry scapegoat though. But they are, I feel, appropriately illustrative. As for the hype and the bullshit, well no wonder the public are so sceptical. And as for ignorance, well just take a look at the blatant nonsense spouted on some forums by self-appointed experts who behave like some audiophile mujahadin whereby anyone who isn't a true believer in this or that is a Kafir, to be ridiculed and despised.


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