Being pretty pleased with my classical music 'experiments' via ebay [read earlier postings] I though it might be useful to apply the same technique to Ry Cooder. I didn't know too much about him other than he's highly respected. and so his first recording turned up on eBay for £3.00 - post free. Hardly a great risk, right?

So into the car system slot it goes. this is some strange collection. terrific playing and an eclectic if not eccentric set of material. some of the arrangements though are to my ears, weird. one person described them as "quirky, yet imaginative" and "might prove to be a bit much for both purists and pop audiences." Quite so. I recommend you try my experiment, if only once! If you're up for it, then just follow my eBay path via this link.

196 Ry Cooder bargains

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