PS AUDIO: ”Can I get that for $1000? If so, sign me up.”

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Paul McGowan: I am reminded about the inevitable followup questions people ask after first hearing a high-end stereo system.  ”Can I get that for $1000?  If so, sign me up.”  always feel so inadequate explaining how this system is a compilation of many hand-selected pieces of equipment, hours of hand tuning and thousands of Editdollars.  To the new wannabe’s that’s an enormous hurdle to getting into the high-end.  And here’s the interesting part: it isn’t the price, it’s the package they want.

So there you have part of the conundrum in a nutshell – every single person I have ever demonstrated the system for wants one – yet there are no packaged solutions we can offer – at any price.

I would love to be able to just point them to a website, dealer, magazine – anything – and say, “start with system A and you’ll get 80% of what you just heard”.  Instead, I am relegated to suggesting this or that speaker, piece of electronics, etc.

Dealers and catalogs of old used to put together packages like this – but for whatever reason – they don’t any more.

High-end Wannabe’s don’t know what’s possible until we show them – but then there’s nowhere to go.

Someone ought to fix that.