Santana: The Anthology ’68-’69 – The Early San Francisco Years (3CD)

A 3CD box set of early studio and live recordings from Santana. Packaged in our most attractive unibox with rare photos, liner notes, psychedelic bandana/wall hanger and more....... "it all began in San Francisco, where Carlos and company honed their chops in performances at Bill Graham's Fillmore Theater, and later recorded a series of demos that would eventually land them their first recording contract with Columbia Records.

This remarkable 3CD box set documents those crucial early years, offering up glimpses into the fledgling incarnations of classics such as Evil Ways and Jingo. Even more impressive is the raw, unbridled energy the band brings to favorites like With A Little Help From My Friends as well as a full disc of experiments in improvisation that brilliantly showcases the steady, confident hand of the legendary Carlos Santana"

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