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Paul McGowan:

How many tweaks and improver gadgets do we buy with the claim of being better? Most of them. But do they really make things “better”? Better than what?

I buy organically grown food whenever I can. It’s more expensive, but it’s better. Better than what?

Let’s face it. Tweaks, improvers, organically grown food aren’t better, they’re less bad. And that turns out to be an important distinction. We don’t get healthier than normal by eating organic food. Instead, organics remove the threat of eating foods grown with pesticides. A very different value equation. One is benign, the other harmful.

An art restoration doesn’t make a painting look better than the day it was painted. The goal is to remove the grit and grime of centuries to restore the original luster and beauty.

A USB Regen, Jitterbug, even a Power Plant AC Regenerator aren’t better, they are less worse. Take power for example. When the AC power is fresh from the AC generator in your city, it’s about as good as it gets: low distortion, quiet, low impedance, regulated. Once it gets out in the world and used by thousands of people, it gets contaminated: higher impedance, distortion and noise, regulation goes down. A Power Plant fixes this and thus, we suggest Power Plants make everything better. But not better than original.

It’s probably more accurate to say these improvers remove that which was inflicted upon the original, restoring it to perfect.

The reason this distinction is important is because, in most cases, we don’t want to start thinking we’re building something that exceeds the original, when the truth is we’re likely restoring it back to pure.