PS AUDIO: But perhaps the biggest reason I want these speakers is big air


Paul McGowan writes: Some of my readers may remember I have the insanely big Infinity IRS loudspeakers on the way from Vestal New York.  News that I am changing my reference system to that of a 30 year old loudspeaker has raised more than a few eyebrows amongst you and some even question my sanity.  Well, having lived with myself for most of my life, I can tell you it isn’t the first time that’s been questioned and certainly won’t be the last.

In my defense I would respectfully point out that their measured in-room response is +/-2dB from 16Hz to beyond the point I can hear, which is better than most modern day loudspeakers and the dynamic range is off the charts, unequaled by all but a smal handful of very expensive loudspeakers today.  What’s not to like?

There are three areas of sound reproduction that I simply cannot live without: effortless presentation at all loudness levels, relatively flat frequency response and full support down to 16Hz in the room.  Give me transducers that can do this and I can make them image the way I want – the rest is nothing but shear listening pleasure.

The effortless presentation is a key to being able to let me both enjoy the music and, more importantly when it comes to a reference system, the ability to see into the music so I can hear minute differences in equipment and media.  After all, as much as I enjoy this I still have to be able to pass judgment on equipment; like any reviewer does.

But perhaps the biggest reason I want these speakers is big air.  Moving air in the room is what a speaker does and four floor to ceiling line source driver arrays move remarkable amounts of air; just like an orchestra or a band playing live.

Getting large volumes of air to move in the room is quite a challenge and if you ever have a chance to hear this in your home or at your local dealer you’ll understand my desire to move the PS Reference System up to become a true big air mover.

If timing allows I’ll try and document in a film the arrival and setup of these beasts.  Some of you may find it fun.