PS AUDIO: I am absolutely certain they are wrong if that’s the case.

Paul McGowan:

My son wants a simple setup to go from one of the little $99 Apple Airport Express devices to a good sounding power amp to play music on a pair of bookshelf speakers he owns.  I offered him one of our small power amps but he declined because it’s a full piece of kit with chassis, power cord, connecting cables etc. – despite the fact it is small in high end terms.

What he wants is something tiny and unobtrusive and low cost – yet sounds good.  What’s fascinating to me is there really isn’t anything out there.  You go from a few weird boxes with bass and treble controls and chassis for $30 that you just know will sound dreadful, to a small half chassis product from one of the high end companies – in which case you’re investing four or five times more than the Apple device itself – or you have to got to a powered speaker instead.  What he wants is to power his good sounding bookshelf speakers easily and without compromise.  Sounds high end to me.

I wonder if the consensus amongst the consumer electronic companies is that people using $99 boxes don’t care about how it sounds?  I am absolutely certain they are wrong if that’s the case.

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