EASY: It’s easy to look at a product and say it ………


JS writes: 

I think the price no obstacle systems are good for us all. Its there research and development that gets handed down to lower systems as the years roll by as they find cheaper ways to do things. I think if it wasnt for these companies high end wouldnt be what it is today.

Its easy to look at a product and say it only costs x aount to make it and complain about the price but there is so much more to the cost of business then the amount it takes to build it. Research and development and advertisement are two of the biggest. Nevermind payroll, marketing, machinery, rent, and electricity.

I use to run a small metal fabrication plant and our electric bill was seventy thousand dollars a month! Nevermind machinery which easily got into the millons. Thats just the factory. Then you have all the middle men who sell the product, pay for inventory, rent, employess, and on and on.

The electronics in your systems were the ultra hi fi of the past so remember in ten years you will have some of that awesome state of the art technology of today in your system.

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