STUDIO / DOMESTIC: Pro amplifiers vs. home audio amplifiers?

Editor’s note 09/05/19: Hello colleague members ….. Although the link nudges towards an ‘old’ thread, I did find it interesting and hopefully some of you will find it useful too having just checked it for relevance.


This might seem like a strange question, but why do people seem to prefer to buy a home audio amplifier to use for their stereo as opposed to a pro audio amplifier, such as a Crown or Behringer? It seems that pro amplifiers are much better at playing low impedances, and are less expensive considering how much wattage they put out (i.e. The Behringer EP1500 puts out 260W X 2 into 8 ohms, whereas something in home audio with similar wattage, like the Parasound Halo A21 costs tremendously more money??) Is there any real difference in sound quality??

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