BLIND TESTING: What’s the point?

There a few fora where blind testing has a fervent or even fanatical following. Some people seem to be quite rigorous about this whereas others only seem to ask for it where they don't believe differences exist.

Personally I see it as a hassle and indeed there's no one else in my household who would willingly assist the process. Also I find short-term A/B comparisons only tell me about gross differences but many differences that really count need longer auditioning; this requires living with the product for a few days at least. It would be possible to blind test over matter of days but it becomes somewhat impractical.

Blind testing, speakers, arm and cartridge combinations etc would seem problematic too though any obstacles can theoretically be overcome with money and effort.

For my part A/B sighted comparisons combined with longer term listening work well. Which camp do you sit in?

Maybe we need a blind test poll but we can't vote if we can't see the screen


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