BRIAN WILSON / BEACH BOYS: George Martin talking ‘God Only Knows’ with BW

Brian Wilson and George Martin

The Los Angeles Times: There sits the late George Martin, behind the wheel of a vintage Cadillac convertible, cruising through Los Angeles and talking about the city's import as a studio town. In the clip, taken from the 1997 BBC documentary "The Rhythm of Life," Martin's got a destination in mind as he rolls down Sunset Boulevard and up into the Hollywood Hills: Brian Wilson's house.

As he drives, Martin, whose work producing the Beatles changed the course of popular music, discusses the city.

"Los Angeles then, as well as now, was the center of the entertainment business," he says. "Not just the film business, but music too. And everybody gravitated here. If you wanted to make records, generally speaking, Los Angeles was the place to come to."

Then he gets to his point: "To mind my mind, no .....

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