HAPPY: Why this man is no longer an audiophile – and happy about it

The last two weeks have been a bit of an eye opener to me and I thought I would share my experiences, however misguided they may be.

I've been into this hobby for 20 something years and have had some rather nice kit from the likes of Rega, Naim, Densen, Linn, Sugden, Audio Note, Quad, McIntosh to name but a few and always strived for bigger and better. I went up and down the Naim and Linn ladders, enjoyed tubes, went high power partnered with Martin Logans and Magnepans, went high-ish efficiency with Audio Note and Snell and embraced both vinyl and digital (music server / Dac) equally.

Today, my current main system consists of an Almarro A318 paired with refreshed / upgraded Snell JII speakers and fed by both a mac mini / Jolida Glass FX tube Dac pairing and a heavy plinthed Lenco 78 with RB300 through an EAR 834P phono. All interconnects are Audio Note and speaker wire is transparent cable. Room has been extensively treated and while I enjoy the sound of this system greatly, it resides in the basement and I find myself hating the isolation to simply listen to music.

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