AUDIO JOURNALISTS / EDITORS: Could do a lot better!

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Is it just me or are there others who find the typical interviews with audio designers in the paper mags to promise more than they deliver? I'm not out to try and learn the intimate details of the people who design truly state-of-the-art gear, but I guess I’d like to know more that the predicable questions in the mags. But is this wise though? Is it better to not ‘meet’ your heroes. I'm just not sure.

For example, what design process led to the magnificent Vandersteen 7 product? Not just ‘we wanted better’ or ‘we didn’t cut corners’ and stuff like that. What did Beveridge use as his benchmark? Not just ‘try to recreate the live sound’ and so on. So, despite my uncertainty if this is a wise cause, I will be very interested to know the questions that people like us would like answered – if indeed there was an opportunity to ask them?

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