PS Audio: Building the high-end brand


Paul McGowan writes: The high-end doesn’t really have a brand or a neat way to bundle up its concept and present the package to someone interested.

That’s a problem.  For the process of engaging a new community of high-end customers, high-end as a concept must be packaged and easily grasped by a potential customer.  It’s not easy to do but there are many great examples of how to do it.

Take food for example.  A recent branding concept is organic.  It’s nicely bundled and even if most people don’t really know what it means it is gaining acceptance and going viral.

Organic basically means going back to basic farming methods to grow foods without the use of chemicals like industrial fertilizers and pesticides.  Organic isn’t about adding something better – it’s about not adding something bad.  Organic clears the crap out of our food.

The point is the organic brand registers immediately in many people’s heads as better and worth the extra money.  It certainly does in mine.

If we think of high-end as the lack of something bad rather than the addition of something good, it gets easier to bundle a brand around.

High-end audio: get closer to the music than ever before.  High-end clears the crap out of our music.

There are better minds than mine to help build the brand, but the first step is to bundle high-end as a concept that’s simple to grasp and desirable to attain.

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