ARCHITETTURA SONORA: The Cubo family, the new cubical omni-directional speaker collection

They say:

The Cubo family, the new cubical omni-directional speaker collection, goes back to Architettura Sonora’s roots, the Cube, an iconic image of  High-End speakers, reworking and redesigning the shape into a new context, using new materials and refined details, the concrete. The result is a timeless and advanced OUTDOOR/INDOOR speaker,
combining designs and meticulous aesthetics; its clean and essential look establishes a stimulating contrast with the rough and contemporary concrete used for the body and deflector.

AS speakers can be used in both residential and commercial application. Cubino comes in natural concrete, red, white and black. With its 30 kg and its cubic shape, the Cubino satisfies the demand for a clean and discreet design without compromising in acoustic quality. The 6-inch dual-concentric coaxial offers a wide frequency response in the Full Range version while the 6-inch woofer allows for a warm and powerful sub-woofer.

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