In a recent set of comments we spoke about adult children and when it is that they start to get the high-end “itch”.  In my experience, it starts in their 30′s and extends into the 40′s.

The desire to have something better, a step above the status quo, begins at these ages and it occurs in the majority of the population from what I can tell.

Better car, better house, better stereo system.

The holdback issue is size and ease of use – not price.  I can tell you right now if it ain’t wireless, small, room filling and awesome, it isn’t going to be a winner for future generations.

A constant theme you’ll read from me in these posts is the need for the high-end to be pulled into the 21st century.  Some will go willingly, some kicking and screaming, some not at all.

I am here to tell you small, powerful, room filling and wireless are possible.  The best system you’ve ever heard can be replicated in a much more acceptable package if the right designers get it together and aim for it.

We can encourage high-end designers to work towards it.  We are.


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