Well, it’s only one person’s point of view ….. or is it?

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This anti audiophile retailer thread starts .....

Crystal ball gazing, who is into it. If you look at our hobby in 10 years will it be the same, how will it be managed and supplied. Lots of changes (and lots of same old, just less of it) in the last 10 years, does it just carry on changing in the same ways.

 "The hobby" will be amoungst us - the forums, as the slurpers can't make money from people with knowledge. As "The Industry" they need ignorance and over valued property, which is what the current daft prices for the remains of the traditional industry are feeding on. I presume this will run out in time as too many companies chase an ever decreasing number of victims.

Direct sales as the norm - maybe

loan schemes as the norm - maybe

Professional selling forums - maybe

Second hand as the major source of product - for certain

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