SHUN MOOK: A reader’s direct personal experiences

Hi. I recently got into Shun Mook and I have found some of their cable silk wraps and I have now purchased 3 and will be getting some more, I keep putting off the LFD SME cable for the moment, each time I just think about it I get an offer of something that is interesting and feel I can get into the cable as any point.

I had this with cars, and now I have this with cameras!

My point in writing is that what I found most interesting is the I used 2 of the purple wraps on the very cable that is to be replaced with the LFD. The sound was more musical and flowed better so I can at last see the sense of changing the is cable... at last you say ๐Ÿ˜‰

Interesting. Very interesting.

I know Howard at LFD4U talked and produced a document on these phono cables for me and just wonder if there is a jump in getting the copper SME/LFD in terms of detail or is this where the silver would be better and this might be the better introduction for me in the first instance would you think?

Hmm. We asked Howard. He said heโ€™d start with the entry level Copper - just to get a taste and he offers the zero-loss upgrade path >

It is very interesting the difference in presence to the sound that the small items of Shun Mook I have put to use have made so far.

Both curious and counterintuitive isn't it?

Kind regards

Neil - the Editor

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