Loudspeaker sensitivity

FYI: A thread – from a while back - that some might find contains interesting observations, advice and so on. Certainly worth dipping in and out of if you have only a few minutes to spare.

Neil / editor in chief


OK let’s get to the point…! I have an Icon Audio Stereo 200PP which for those who don’t know is an EL84 powered amplifier of 15 Watts per channel. At the moment I use a cheap pair of Celestion F28 loudspeakers of 89 db/W/m at Im distance of course. I am toying with the idea of upgrading as soon as funds allow to a pair of Stirling Broadcast Monitors of 83 db/W/m. How in practice is this going to change things given that it is a change of 6db which should be a quartering of loudness.

Also, does anyone know if the Stirlings address the LS3/5a problem of unbelievable tizzyness in the treble…? I used to love my early Rogers LS3/5a’s and definitely regret getting rid of them. If this situation is really hopeless I may stick with my original plan of a pair of Audio Note AZ-2’s but these are floorstanders and my room is only about fourteen feet by twelve with a high ceiling. I listen at a distance of around eight feet.