Balanced phono stages – Anyone?

Hi all,

I recently acquired the BMC MCCI, which is a very interesting design and kind of no holds barred version of the infamous Aqvox - same designer Carlos Candeias. One talented chap as he was also responsible for the famous CEC belt drive and burmester belt drive CD players.

The bmc mcci is a current amplification design and is best with cartridges with low internal impedance hence why I am moving my much loved Benz on. It only accepts a balanced input and outputs fully balanced as you would expect. Anyway, it produces a very quiet soundstage (quietest I ever heard in my system) which I suppose is not surprising given the balanced circuitry. I wondered why more designers and vinyl lovers don't opt for this route of vinyl replay as noise is one of the disadvantages of vinyl IME.

Welcome any thoughts or insights or experiences. Anyone else fully balanced for their vinyl replay?

Dip in and out HERE

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