TORTUGA AUDIO: Their Boathull Loudspeakers

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While our focus will continue to be our LDR preamps we are expanding our offering to include a unique style and type of speaker, the full range boathull speaker.

Full range means there’s only a single driver the covers the full 20 Hz to 20 kHz audible range. This eliminates the complexity and artifacts of multiple drivers including the crossovers.

For me personally, it’s not an exaggeration to say that once you’ve gone full range, you don’t go back.

Large diameter full range drivers capable of delivering both full bodied bass plus satisfying mids and highs are very challenging to design. For the past few years I’ve been working with Audio Nirvana’s full range drivers which are more than up to this challenge. Moreover, I’ve become convinced they offer a level of sound quality that rivals many elite high end speakers.

Having chosen what we believe is the best full range drivers available, we next turned our attention to speaker cabinets. Our goal here was not only performance but aesthetic appeal. The result is the “boathull” speaker, a pleasantly curved all hardwood laminate design that not only sounds extraordinary but is a stunning piece of wooden artwork.

While we are still refining this design, we recently had an opportunity to build a custom set of small boathull speakers for a customer who was looking for this very type of enclosure, albeit with 2-way drivers and not a single full range driver.

We’ve posted an article on this custom boathull speaker which you can access via the link below. You can expect to hear more about our foray into full range boathull speakers in the coming months.

Tortuga Audio Boathull Loudspeakers

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