TETRA SPEAKERS: What they said ….. at the time

It's Our 20th Tetraversary!!

... well not quite.You see we actually incorporated Tetra Speakers in 1994 however we spent our first four years in a developmental stage where we systematically examined every speaker building 'rule' by asking the question 'how come' thereby analyzing but more importantly playing with every possible variable in speaker design in our quest to bring forth what is essentially the world's first distortion - free 'listening instrument'™. And now remarkably hEar we are twenty years later and our Live 506 listening instrument remains both beloved by their listeners and very much sought after by music lovers and musicians alike around the globe. So, to celebrate our first twenty years we have decided to re-visit the 506 and have actually managed to coax even more of that 'good stuff' out of them. We are so excited with our discovery that we have decided to launch them under the name the Phoenix line. Witness our new Phoenix model 'TZ' as our latest offering in the Phoenix line that includes our 120U, 222, 333, 505 - C and our Rob Fraboni Signature 606.Like the Live 506 the TZ is an 8" two - way over - achiever that punches way above its weight class all the while melting the hardest of hearts while performing the renowned Tetra-style disappearing act.